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Parents' Hub

Parenting in a fallen world can be tough and remaining soft of heart can be even more of a challenge when exhaustion kicks in and that's before you add in all the world stuff going on nowadays. We can't allow the worldly happenings to darken our hearts or affect our parenting. Here you will find tips and tricks, encouragement and charts to get you and your family in alignment and building a strong family team, with strong faith, loving hearts and excitement for the future.



A new method of education that focuses on producing fruitful character traits: to cultivate and nurture a love of God, others and the Earth.
Because education is more than memorization and scorecards.


Get the family on track and organized with our journal pages. Utilize our video series to help you understand and reflect on your family life and culture.


Discipline children biblically with scripture to back you up and use heart probing questions to talk things through. The included video series will take you through biblical teachings and give you encouragement and different ways to implement this method.

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