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This growing bundle encompasses all that is necessary to build interest in the mechanisms of speech. It uses superhero characters and the Dot Dude illustrations to keep your children entertained, focused and confident in learning. The superhero visuals are there to help your child build a confident mentality. The visuals aid their imagination and belief in their ability to be the hero of their own speech. This resource is a must for any homeschool classroom looking for their students to not only learn articulation but master it with a good heart attitude and excitement for the things they can do and accomplish. Please note: This growing bundle deal will go up in price as more content is added. There are several packs that are part of this bundle. Take a look at what this bundle contains below.


The Bundle Contains:
  • 13 pages of Speech Explainer Sheets that go through the anatomy of everything required for speech and how sound is produced. The vocal folds are also at times referred to as a boom box which excites children. The children can ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ their boom box depending on the sounds they’re making.
  • 25 Speech Strips Consonants in both color and black and white, covering these speech sounds: h, w, t, sh, zh, d, s, z, f, k, g, v, th (both sounds), l, ch, j, y, ng, r, n, p, b, m, kw. These brand new speech strips for articulation are the perfect tool to provide your child with all the visuals needed for understanding tongue placement as well as mouth movement and position. Each sound has a visual side view of tongue placement, a front view of the mouth and a matching word with visuals to create cross reference connections to strengthen their learning and solidify the sounds they are learning to master.
  • 18 Speech Strips Vowels in both color and black and white, covering these speech sounds: a, aw, ay, eh, er, eye, ee, ih, o, oo, uh, ear, oh, oi, ow, ah, e, u
  • 24 pages of The Power of Performing Speeches. This pack goes through public speaking and the difference speeches can make in our world. There are template pages with prompts for your children or child to write their own presentation material so they can memorize something they’re interested in. These prompts can be used for any primary school aged child with more expectation placed on vocabulary and presentation for the later years. Note this part of the bundle does have Christian references and Christian based worksheets and prompts, there are also non-Christian prompts and explainer-sheets too.


Color and black and white images are provided, for cost effective printing.

These are suitable for use with students of all ages!


Please note these are suitable for US, UK and Aus. English! (other than the word "color" on the front cover, everything else has spellings suitable for UK/Aus English settings!)

The Super Power of Speech Growing Bundle

$18.95 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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