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These brand new speech strips for articulation are the perfect tool to provide your child with all the visuals needed for understanding tongue placement as well as mouth movement and position. Each sound has a visual side view of tongue placement, a front view of the mouth and a matching word with visuals to create cross reference connections to strengthen their learning and solidify the sounds they are learning to master.
Speech strips included:
36 Vowel Speech Strips 18 color and 18 black and white, covering these speech sounds: a, aw, ay, eh, er, eye, ee, ih, o, oo, uh, ear, oh, oi, ow, ah, e, u
Color and black and white images are provided, for cost effective printing. These are suitable for use with students of all ages!
Please note these are suitable for US, UK and Aus. English! (other than the word "color" on the front cover, everything else has spellings suitable for UK/Aus English settings!)

Speech Strips Vowels

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