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When we think of strength we usually think of muscles, but is strength all about muscles? No! you can have strength in many different ways.


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What does it mean to have the character trait of Persistence?

Persistence is continuing to do something in spite of difficulty or opposition. Someone who is persistent is dedicated and spends a tremendous amount of effort to achieve his/her goals. He/she becomes almost single-mindedly committed to achieving it.


Can you think of a time you have had to persevere to achieve or do something?

How can we persevere?


Sit still and be calm when others are speaking


strength of faith is also spiritual strength, it is the ability to endure challenges through faith in God. This requires our practicing belief in God.

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Physical strength: the ability to endure physically demanding challenges. This generally requires some kind of muscle.

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Mental strength: the mental ability to endure challenges. This usually requires life experiences.

Can you think of a time you felt strength of the mind or body?

It is important to remind ourselves that we are capable of great things and overcoming even the most seemingly, hopeless, situations. Throughout time people have done amazing things. We have even, at times called on superhuman physical strengths. All of those times of physical strength in the face of danger do rely on our mental strength. God gives us these strengths. He is always with us guiding us and if we call upon him in our times of need, he will strengthen us to get through it. If you are ever feeling burdened or weak, remember to talk to God and ask him to take away the burden to strengthen you.

Strength of Character


Humble: apologize when you have done something wrong


Humble: Defer to others when the time calls for it.


Persistence: Avoid shortcuts


Honesty, tell the truth


Kindness, offer kindness


Bravery, volunteer to take responsibilities when when they're difficult or challenging.

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Modesty: Share or give credit to others for their work and be public in gratitude to others.


Faith, have a solid belief in God and our savior Jesus Christ.

Character Trait

What God's word says about strength


Don't fear, be strong and courageous.

Deuteronomy 31:6

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God will strengthen you.

Philippians 4:13

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Seek God first

Matthew 6:33


Wait on the LORD

Isaiah 40:31



What It Means

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Let's look at a story in the Bible

Daniel and the Lions' Den

Found in Daniel 6.

The story teaches us that our strength is less about muscle and more about faith and character. David didn't need armor or weapons to face Goliath, he only needed his faith in God's protection. God led David to pick up the stones. David required a strength of faith and to have the character traits of courage, faith and determination to face Goliath and sling the stone. This story is so great because it shows us how God requires us to play an active role in our lives. David couldn't just rely on faith, he didn't just stand still and say 'God will take care of Goliath'. No he picked up that stone and he flung it. Strength in many ways brings us into alignment through spirit, character, mind and body, all of these things come together to strengthen us.

Quiz Time

Quiz Time

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