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God looks to the heart, and so do we. At Educational Heart, we focus on the heart-centered method. Educational Heart is a conduit for homeschooling families to teach, mentor and cultivate a loving legacy within their children and homes. Our aim is to help you build a culture of love, connection and good character within the family and home. We hope you use that to instill the same good character and teachable heart within your child through modeling in the home. We believe so deeply about this character-focused approach to education that we have ensured the resources we create are accessible to both Christian and non-Christian households by making sure our Christian content is marked with a bible icon for those who wish to omit the teachings from their homeschool. Please note the 'Children's Hub' is Christian based.

Ella and Husband Founders of Educational Heart



our why






To spread love and light through an education system that encourages growth of character and a love of God, people and learning.

We create heart-centered educational material for a range of subjects, meeting and surpassing national curriculum requirements. On top of this, we craft and provide lessons focused on character traits.

We encourage parents to watch and partake in our parenting courses as we believe in a foundational educational environment in the home, not just in selected homeschool hours. We have community groups to help parents connect, and a children's hub group for sharing your child's work.

We aim to equip families with the knowledge of scripture and character traits that grow faith, assist the Holy Spirit and enable us to be better at following God's will for us as individuals.



The heart is a powerful, world-changing tool. God's work shines through the hearts of all those who believe. As parents, the duty falls on us to nurture and protect our children's hearts.

I'm Ella, and together with my husband, Sebastian, and my sister, Toni, we have started the Educational Heart ministry, that works with 'The heart-centred method', an education method we have developed to steer children on the path of faithfulness and a fruitful life.


We weren't always believers. We came to religion, my husband and I. It was a long journey for me, constantly asking those who believed "why?" It was close to an obsession. I would also pray in secret. I didn't know why I was praying or who to, but I kept praying and soon enough I prayed to God and continued to do so. Then 2020 happened and the evil in the world became apparent - this pulled me even closer to God. I sought to connect and get to know our creator. As I got closer to God, my husband who was and is a very skeptical man began to read the bible with me and sought out videos about the topic of Christianity. He began to feel that even if he wasn't sure about God, being a Christian was the best way to live a loving, caring and productive life. Of course, he began to pray and felt what many of us feel. Things start to happen as you move closer to God - your gratitude grows and your heart softens. Fast forward and here we are: born again, baptized in the name of Jesus and following the word. We have now made our faith our mission, a mission to help families grow together in faith and create a culture within the home that strengthens the family using teachings found in the Holy Bible.



I know that there are some who avoid politics and picking sides, but we are at a juncture where it is necessary for us to take a stance and stop the madness. Standing steadfast in our beliefs can sometimes feel lonely, but it is the way to change. It is for this reason, and the fact our educational site is for children, that we state here our stances on very taboo issues and subjects. It is important that you, the parent, know our curriculum is in alignment with your own thoughts, morals and beliefs. So I'll just make it simple and easy with several statements:

  • There are only two genders: male and female.

  • There is only one true race, the human race.

  • We have a God given right to life and to exist.

  • All life is important.

  • Life starts at conception.

  • There is only one God.

  • Jesus is God and part of the Holy Trinity.

  • Jesus died for our sins and came back from the dead, fulfilled biblical prophecy and ascended to heaven.

  • We are saved through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

  • Evolution is a theory and should be taught as one.

  • The information on the age of the Earth is inaccurate due to the nature of the tests used to try and work it out therefore we cannot claim the age of the Earth but may present the current theories.

  • The Bible is made up of historical accounts.

  • The Great Flood happened, and Noah did build an ark to save his family and the animals.

  • The Bible is the inspired word of God.

  • We have freewill.



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Ella Rose Roussel


8 years of motherhood

6 years of curriculum design experience


Sebastian Roussel


8 years of fatherhood

Telecommunications Technician, Sound Engineer and Farmer.


Toni Vernon


English and Creative Writing Degree

4 years teaching experience



Illustrator Anna Galitskaya

Anna Galitskaya

Illustrator Elizabeth Kramer

Elizabeth Kramer

Animator Saddleback kids

Saddleback kids

Illustrator Alesia Kupriianova

Alesia Kupriianova

Illustrator Digitalartsi


Clip Artist Artiflex

Artiflex Graphics

Illustrator Anabel Galitskaya

Anabel Galitskaya

KA Fonts

KA Fonts

Illustrator Olya Paskhalova

Olya Paskhalova

Illustrator Marion


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